How to create Groups


In this article, we will learn how to create Groups.


📔Note: Adding Groups can only be done with admin access.


1.  Log in to Zipi. Click Directory >> Profiles >> Groups.


2. Click on Create Groups.


3. Set the settings for the Group.


A. Title or name of the group.

B. Sub Group of - This is an option if you want to create a secondary group from your primary group where you can set a different setting that is different from the primary group.

i.e.  Different compensation structures.


C. Copy settings - This is if you have some groups already created and you just want to duplicate the settings of the existing group to the new one.  This is should be set to default if just starting to create groups.


4. Click Create.


To check your created Groups go to Directory >> Groups. This should show you all the groups that are active.


You have successfully created Groups.


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