How to Add Disbursement Instructions

  1. Go to Deals, and click your deal.

  2. In the top left corner, click the edit pencil icon.


  3. In the Disbursement information card, add the details of associated fees with your transaction:

    • In the Deal section, click Add Additional Item to add any additional fees to be removed from the transaction value before commissions, such as referral fees, royalties, etc.

    • In the Company section, click Add Additional Item to add any applicable company fees, such as marketing fees, lead costs, etc.

    • In the final section, the Agent Owner will be shown with their associated commission plan.

    • Here you can add any extra income sources of the deal, the amounts including flat fees, the product items, and specific disbursement instructions.

    • Note: To change the Agent Owner’s commission structure, you will need to change the commission plan that applies to that agent or use the Override feature in the upper-right side of the deal.

  4. Enable the disbursements to show on the disbursement instructions by toggling the PDF icon for each.


  5. Click Save.

You have now added your disbursement instructions to your transaction.


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