Manually Add Deal


Adding deals allows agents and brokers to track performance on an agent, team or office level. With Zipi’s native accounting system, deals are also integrated automatically into financial transactions, saving the average broker hours in administration.

Note: Do you have SkySlope or dotloop? Save yourself from manual data entry and setup Zipi’s native integration with these platforms to easily import your transactions. Read the SkySlope guide here. Read the dotloop guide here.

Before you start: Be sure that your commission plans are setup and applied to all agents involved in the transaction.

  1. Go to the Deals tab and click Create.


  2. At the Deal Information card, add:

    • The Deal Name.

    • Deal Status, to show whether the deal is open an Opportunity, Closed or something in between.

    • The Address, Street Number and or Unit information.

    • Optional:

      • Upload a Picture of your property for reference.

      • The Agents and related parties details, such as Buyer’s Agent, Escrow companies, or Buyer’s Representative.

    • Add the client, as a buyer or seller, by entering their information in the Seller or Buyer fields.

  3. In the Transfer Information card, add:

    • Sales Price, if any. For Opportunities, simply enter an estimated value or $1 amount.

    • Type of transaction, such as listing buyer, sale, etc.

    • Close of Escrow: If no date is known, select the last day of the following month. This MUST be a future date, unless the deal status is Closed.

    • The Commission % OR the Commission $ value if a flat fee applies. Note: This should be gross commission % or value for the transaction.

    • Optional:

      • Source of Business.

      • You can mark the transaction as a residential or commercial transaction in Property Class.

    • Advanced:

      • Coming soon: Learn more about Dual Transactions.

      • Coming soon: Learn more about Categorizing Commissions.

  4. In the Disbursements card, ensure that you have the correct Agent or Agents listed as the sales entity. The current sales agent associated with the deal will be shown at the bottom of the card.

    • To change the sales entity: 

      • Click + Sales Entity button and select an agent.

      • With a new sales entity added, remove the old sales entity or agent.

    • To change the primary sales entity:

      • Click + Sales Entity to add a new agent.

      • Click the three dots next to the new agent to trigger the options, and select make primary agent.

  5. Click Create Deal to complete.

Congratulations, you have successfully added a new deal.


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