Add a Deal via SkySlope


Adding deals to your Zipi account is a faster way to enter deal information for tracking and financial management. With our native SkySlope integration, importing deals can be done easily and in bulk using the steps below.

Your SkySlope integration must be activated at the company level and at the individual agent level. Learn how to setup your SkySlope integration here.

Also, the following fields MUST be filled out prior to importing deals:

  • Deal Name: If you want to name the deal something other than the address.
  • Status
  • Sales Price
  • Type
  • Close of Escrow: Actual or estimated close of escrow date.
  • Primary Agent: At least one agent needs to be associated with the deal.

To make sure this is completed for each deal, you can consider contacting your SkySlope representative and requesting that fields be made mandatory.


Note: Before adding deals. If using offices: In order to Sync deals the agent must have access to that office (must check each box)

1. Login to Skyslope (Must have admin login access)

 2. Click on Manage Agents and select agent profiles. 

 3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the appropriate office or offices for the agent to gain access to sync deals. 

  4.  Click save and confirm the selection.


⚠️Reminder: Roster: MUST also include agents that are no longer with the company if they want to have that agent's deals sync from SS.

  1. Go to your Deals page.

  2. Click the Create button and choose SkySlope.

  3. You will then be taken to a deal sync screen. There you will see all deals within a given date range. You can filter deals by custom dates or by Listing and Sale. You may also type keywords into the search bar to look for a specific deal. 

  4. Choose which deals you want to sync by clicking “Validate”

    • If all required info is in the deal you will see 2 green checks top right of deal and the gray toggle will slide to the right and turn blue. Continue to do this for all deals you want to sync with Zipi.

  5. Some Deals may be missing information- You will see ‘Extra Data Needed’

  6. Click on ‘Extra data needed’ Add any information needed to validate deal. Typically it will need a revised Escrow date or a valid agent.

    • Once data revised,Click Apply again to attempt to validate the deal again.

    • The toggle button will show blue for each deal that was successfully updated and is validated.

  7. Once you have all deals Validated and ready to sync. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Start Sync’

Congratulations! Your transactions are now synced with  Zipi. and you will be taken back into the Deal board.


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