About the Contacts Section



  1. Editing (General) Details
  2. Editing Location Details
  3. Editing Payment Methods
  4. Editing Contact Approvals
  5. Create and Edit Contact Notes

Contacts within Zipi are where you can store information about people involved in your deals or financial transactions. 

đź’ˇTip: Take a moment each month keep your contacts up to date so that all transactions are processed smoothly in Zipi.

Editing (General) Details

The details tab shows the overview information about a contact. This section includes the contact’s main company, if any, phone number, fax and preferred names.

Editing Location Details

The location details can be set for a contact’s company or individual location. These details will be pulled through to automatically generated documents throughout Zipi.

Editing Payment Methods

Payment Methods defines how a contact will both receive, and provide payments. Receiving payment information can be set by entering in their bank account information so that payments can be processed through Zipi. For providing payments, a contact’s payment card information can be added to Zipi so it can be charged automatically when an invoice is configured to do so.


Editing Contact Approvals

Approvals control what your contact has access to, and what automation capabilities they have within the Zipi platform.


Create and Edit Contact Notes

Contact notes is a way for team members and users to leave helpful tips, hits, and notes about a particular contact. To add a note, simply press the Plus icon.


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