How to Create an Invoice


Invoices are the bread-and-butter of your accounting with Zipi Accounting. Our invoicing options are specially formulated for modern real estate brokers.

We recommend, where possible, users should add all the relevant contacts and services / products of a transaction first before creating invoices. This helps keep your accounting operations neat and avoids accidental duplication.

  1. Click the Sales tab on the left hand menu and then click Invoices.

  2. Click the Create button.

  3. In the header section, you can:

    • Select the Date of your invoice. This is the date that your invoice is issued.

    • Select the Customer. A customer can be an organization, client or even an agent. If your customer does not already exist, you can click the Create Contact icon to create a new customer.

    • Choose the related Sales Agent, if any. This is used where a Sales Agent needs to be associated with a commission invoice.

    • Add / Edit the available Payment Methods. By default, all activated payment methods will be available. We suggest using Zipi Pay to facilitate bank transfers and Authorize.Net for credit card payments.

  4. For the body section of your invoice, you can add the Invoice Item, its DescriptionQuantity and Rate.

    • For each invoice item, you can select which Account to credit with this transaction

    • [Optional]: Apply a credit to the transaction. This will tell Zipi to check for an existing credit to this person, in order to be applied to the transaction.

  5. Click the Create button and choose:

    1. Create and Send to finalize and send your invoice immediately. Your invoice will be sent to your contact’s nominated email address on file.

    2. Create as Draft so that the invoice can be edited and sent at a later date.

You will have now finished the invoicing process. You can view all invoices on your Sales > Invoices page.

Read more: connecting source documents to invoices.


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