How to Create a Report


Reports are a convenient way to review summaries or detailed tables of your organization’s performance. Our report generator gives you the ability to create highly customized reports covering multiple angles of your business.


1. Go to the Reports tab.

2. Click the Create button.

3. Choose the Report Type:

        a. General Reports include Progress Reports, Summary Transactions, Source of Business, Sales, Agent Performance and more. Read about our General Reports here.


        b. Financial Reports include P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statements, and more. Read about Financial Reports here.


4. Select the Type of General or Financial Report.

5. Choose the Time Period you would like the report to show.

6. Choose your report Parameters:

        a. For General Reports: this can include typestatus and layout.

        b. For Financial Reports: either an Accrual or Cash basis.

7. Click Run.

You will now have generated your custom report, and it will appear in the reports view.


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