Setup SkySlope Integration for Brokers (Auto-Sync)



Follow these steps to connect your SkySlope account to Zipi with 'Auto-Sync.'

The auto-sync feature will automatically add all company deals created in SkySlope to Zipi.

  • Open a new window and log in to using your SkySlope username and password.

📔Note: There is no longer a section under admin for obtaining the credentials for company-wide settings. Must use credentials under My Account and these credentials will determine the level of permissions (so they need to use credentials of the person with the highest level of permissions in Skyslope)


  • Click Integrations.

Important: If the 'Integrations' tab is not visible please contact your SkySlope Account Manager to request your Company Admin Access Key and Secret Key.

  • Then click the blue ‘Generate New Key’ button (if available).

  • Copy and paste your SkySlope Access Key and Secret Key into the Authorization Application page on Zipi.

    Important: These keys are NOT your SkySlope login credentials.

Company-Wide Auto-Create Toggle: Turning this feature on will automatically add all company deals created in SkySlope to Zipi.

  • Click Save & Go To Zipi.


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