How to Setup Dotloop For Agents


In this article, we will illustrate how to integrate and sync with Dotloop.


📔Note: For agents and other users to import and sync transactions via Dotloop, the integration must FIRST be activated at the company level. Once the company has allowed its users to use the integration by activating it in the Marketplace, users such as agents will be able to set up individual Dotloop connections. 


1.  Make sure that you are logged in your account and in the Company profile view.



How to set Company profile view on your Zipi account. 

  • Log in to Zipi
  • On the top left corner of the page if it says "My Business" click "My Business" a drop-down appears select the company name. This should display the broker's name. Page refreshes.


2.  Click the option "Apps" found under the Profile icon found on the top right corner of the page. 


3.  After clicking "Apps" you should see a screen where Dotloop is available but shows not connected.   Click on the "Connect" button at the far right of the screen.


4. Click Authorize on the next screen. 


5.  Enter your Dotloop credentials Email and Password.


6. In this screen click on Approve to begin the integration process.


7.   Click on continue to Authorize Application.

 8.  Next is setting up Auto-Create Deals/Auto-sync.

Click on Save and Go to Zipi.  You have now connected your Dotloop integration and are ready to import and sync transactions.


📔Note: Listed below is how Zipi will interpret dotloop statuses when a deal is created from dotloop. Zipi does NOT keep statuses in sync between the two systems. This is ONLY to set the initial status for a newly created deal in Zipi. 


Dotloop Zipi
New Active
Active Listing Active
Private Listing Active
Pre Offer Active
In Progress Pending
Under Contact Pending
Leased Closed
Sold Closed
Done Closed
Withdrawn Cancelled
Terminated Cancelled


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