Create Loops and Import Deals with the Dotloop Integration

table of contents


  1. Loop It™ from Zipi
  2. Create Deals in Zipi from Dotloop

Here is a brief video of how-to maximize two powerful features of the Dotloop + Zipi integration.

  1. Create a loop in Dotloop from Zipi
  2. Create deals in Zipi by importing transactions from Dotloop


Simply create a deal in Zipi, then use Dotloop's Loop It™ technology to send all of the transaction details to create a loop.

  1. Navigate to Deals
  2. Click CREATE
  3. Select ZIPI
  4. Enter all necessary details
  6. Open deal you want to send to Dotloop
  7. Click the gray Dotloop icon on the Property Information line
  8. Select LOOP IT
  9. Select the Dotloop profile and template
  10. Click PROCEED
  1. Navigate to Deals
  2. Click CREATE
  3. Select Dotloop
  4. Select Dotloop profile you'd like to import from
  5. Click the toggle switch to choose which deals you'd like to import
  6. If toggle does not work, click VALIDATE to ensure all details have been entered correctly
  7. Once all deals have been selected and validated, click START SYNC


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