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  1. Step 1: Add your bank accounts and credit cards
  2. Step 2: Add your accounts
  3. Step 3: Add your starting balances
  4. Step 4: Add products and services
  5. Step 5: Add contacts
  6. Step 6: Setup payment methods

Congratulations on upgrading your accounting system to Zipi Accounting. We are looking forward to getting you up and running as fast as possible on the system.

While migrating or setting up a new accounting system can be daunting, it does not have to be. We encourage you to get a cup of your favorite coffee, sit down, two deep breaths and let us take this step by step. You will find yourself up and running in no time.

On your left side menu, you’ll find a tab listed as ‘Banking’. Click this and click the add ‘Add account’ button to add the bank accounts and credit that you will be using for your transactions details.

At this stage you can either choose to select and connect to integrate an account, meaning that transactions are synced automatically, or choose a manual account where each transaction must be entered manually.

Read more: adding bank accounts and credit cards.

On the left side menu, click the Company > Finance. On this page, click the ‘Chart of Accounts’ on the top menu.

You will be provided a list of default accounts, personalized to the real estate industry. However, take a moment to review the list of accounts and add your own by clicking the ‘Create’ button. To remove an account, click the settings cog next to each account then the delete button.

Read more: adding, editing and removing ledger accounts.

With your chart of accounts setup you can now add your starting balances. In the Company > Finance section, at the top of the page, find the ‘Opening Balances’ button.

Click the ‘Create’ button to begin entering your starting balances, all in one page.

While in the Company > Finance section of Zipi, find the ‘Services / Products’ button. This section shows your frequently used services or products to add as line items on your invoices and bills.

Add your commonly used services or products to help automate your transaction entries, such as monthly Desk Fees, Advertising Costs, Referral Fees and Royalties.

Read more: Adding and removing products and services.

To add contacts, press the plus icon next to your profile in the top right hand corner. 

Contacts can be made on an individual basis (that is, private to you), or on a company wide basis. Take this opportunity to add the contacts of your agents, vendors and other company contacts who are the subject of your transactions.

You can see all your contacts by navigating to the Contacts section.

Read more: Adding and editing contacts.

For each invoice, multiple payment options can be offered. While all invoices can be paid by cash or check, we recommend adding the ability to pay by Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Credit Card transactions are enabled through our partner Authorize.Net. To enable your Authorize.Net facility, navigate to Company > Marketplace.

On the marketplace menu, click activate next to the Authorize.Net application to begin the setup process.

Bank Transfers can be process via Zipi Pay. To activate Zipi Pay, go to Company > Marketplace. On the marketplace page, click activate next to Zipi Pay to begin the setup wizard.

📖Read more: Setting up your Authorize.Net account integration, About Zipi Pay, How to setup Zipi Pay

You are now ready to enter in your transactions.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start entering transactions! You can now add a bill or expense, and create invoices.


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