Add Deals via Dotloop


Adding deals to your Zipi account is a faster way to enter deal information for tracking and financial management. Our native dotloop integration can imports deals automatically, in bulk or individually to your preference with a bi-directional real-time sync.

💡Learn how to connect your dotloop profile here.

Note: The person's profile that is used to sync with Dotloop MUST have EDIT permission for the Loop in Dotloop.

To Sync any deals the following information is REQUIRED:

  1. Deal Name: If you want to name the deal something other than the address.
  2. Status
  3. Sales Price
  4. Type
  5. Close of Escrow: Actual or estimated close of escrow date.
  6. Primary Agent: At least one agent needs to be associated with the deal.

💡 BEST PRACTICE: Contact your Dotloop representative to make these fields required in your account for loop creation. This will ensure a seamless sync experience.

  1. Go to the Deals tab and click Create

  2. Select dotloop.

  3. Choose your dotloop Profile to continue.

  4. You can now use the filter to narrow the transaction results, such as adding a Date Added, Loop Status, etc.

  5. Find the transaction you wish to sync with a new Zipi deal.

  6. Click the top toggle button on the left hand side of the transaction you wish to import and sync.

  7. Toggle the Agent and select their Role from the dropdown menu.

📔Note: An agent must be selected for every transaction.

Multiple Agents: When there are two or more agents on a single side of the transaction, check that the Primary Contact (notated by a STAR⭐) is displaying on the correct agent's row.

    8. Click Apply to save your progress.

    9. Click Start Sync to begin syncing all your deals.

Your deals will now begin importing and syncing to the Zipi Deals section.


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