How to Add or Create a Contact


📔Note: Contacts Created in the Brokerage account will be shared with the entire company. For agents, if you wish to keep contacts private until they are involved in a deal, be sure to create them in your My Business profile only.

  1. Log into your Zipi account.

  2. Click the plus (+) button next to your profile image.


  3. Choose whether the contact is an individual or company.

  4. Add the contact's name and contact details.

  5. Optional: To add a person or department to a company contact, click the plus button next to person or department and add their contact details.

  6. Click the Create button.

You have now created a contact.

Adding Details to or Customizing a Contact

Once you have created a contact, you can add further details. Read more here.

Next Steps (for Agents)Learn About Deals


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