How to Create a Bill


Bills are expenses where the supplier has charged you but you do not need to pay right away. Accounting teams enter these charges as bills to easily keep track of all expenses that need to be paid in the future.

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  1. Go to Purchase > Bills.

  2. Enter in the applicable information:

    • Bill NumberVendor name and the Date of their invoice.

    • Reference Number: this is the invoice number from your vendor. Using this number helps your team reference whether a bill has been dealt with as a vendor is likely to mention their invoice number when contacting you.

    • The Items that were charged to you and at what rate.

    • Account: the account that will be charged with the transaction.

  3. Click the Create button and choose:

    • Create and Send: to confirm and send the invoice immediately.

    • Create as Draft: in order to save the invoice as unconfirmed, and editable in the future.

    • Create as Open: to create and confirm your invoice but not send it.

Congratulations, you have entered your first bill.

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