How to View and Pay Bills


Zipi makes it easy to view and pay bills in one place. For brokers and administrators, you can simply view all your bills in the bills and expenses section. For agents, make sure to use your My Business profile to view the bills and expenses that apply only to you.

To make sure that bills and expenses are automatically set up in an Agent’s Zipi My Business, make sure that the Automation Rules for Documents Received from your brokerage are affirmed.

  1. Have your Agent go to their contacts and click your brokerage.


  2. In the Approval settings, click edit.

  3. Make sure all the automation rules are selected.

  4. Click the Update button to Save.

Note: Your agent must have Zipi Pay activated otherwise transactions will not be automatically imported.

  1. Go to the Bills tab.

  2. Click the bill you would like to pay.

  3. Click the Pay button to pay.

  4. View all payments made on the Payments Made tab below Expenses.



Congratulations, you have paid your bill.


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