Implementing the Zipi connector for Google Data Studio

  1. Search “Zipi” in the Community Connector Gallery and click the Zipi Connector result when it appears.
    The Zipi Connector page appears with an authorization request to the bottom left.mceclip2.png
  1. Click the blue Authorize button
    The Sign in with Google dialogue box appears.
  1. Click your Zipi Google account.
    The box displays a reminder/warning that you are connecting to an external service.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the box and click the blue allow button.mceclip5.png
    The box disappears and a second authorization request appears to the right of the first.
  1. Again, click the blue Authorize button.
    The Zipi Authorization dialogue box appears.
  1. Click the dark Allow button at the lower left corner.  mceclip7.png
    The box disappears and the Table dropdown menu takes the place of the two authorization requests.
  1. Make a selection from the menu and click the blue Connect button in the top right corner.mceclip9.png
    The Schema page for your selected table appears.
  1. Review and/or adjust the schema as desired, using the field dropdowns, Field and Parameter buttons. (If changes are made, click Refresh Fields at the bottom left when those changes are complete.)
  2. Click the blue Create Report button at the top left.
    The You are about to add data to this report dialogue box appears.
  1. Click the Add to Report button on the bottom left.
    The box disappears and the specified report view appears.


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