Request for an option to make a flat fee recognized as company contribution

I have a scenario wherein a broker split has a minimum amount. Regardless of how low the commission is, the company split will not go below this value. The agents under this plan also have caps in order to reach the next tier.

The only way to input this minimum amount, will be to add it in as a deal or sales expense to the deal and provide a 100% split to the agent. The problem is that we don't have an option to have a flat fee be recognized as a company contribution. 

We may need an additional option in Sales Compensation, since this is the only element to recognize a company contribution. 



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    We have discussed this and want to make a couple of clarifications to make sure we are all on the same page.

    1. Since the broker (company) is legally receiving the commission income first and then disbursing that to agents (sales people), the request here is to allow the broker to pay 100% of the commission to an agent while retaining a flat rate for themselves, correct?
    2. If part 1 is correct, is it acceptable that the calculation for this scenario is broken into two compensation profiles. The first caring about any deal that will result in income over the minimum amount and the second profile will care about income that exceeds the minimum amount.

    If this is all correct and acceptable then we are already tracking the development of an improvement to our compensation rules module that will address these scenarios:

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