How to Create a Dashboard

Dashboards are a great way to see and track your high level KPIs at a glance. With Zipi, many KPIs can be tracked in Real-Time, allowing you to see the most recent results at any time.


1. Go to Insights.

2. Click the Plus Symbol to begin creating a new board and enter a Board Name. 


This name can be edited, or dashboard removed later by clicking the pencil button on your dashboard page.

3. Now you will be ready to begin adding your Widgets, or sections that visualize data. To add a Widget, click the Add Widget.

4. Choose the type of data you would like to visualize by selecting the Widget Type from the dropdown menu, then click the Add button.


Read more: Widget Types


5. Add the Title and Widget Period.

6. Depending on the Widget, you will be presented with another 3-4 options to select in order to define the data to be shown.


7. Click Save.

Your Widget is now complete. Add as many Widgets to track the metrics you need to complete your dashboard.

Important: No data will show on your dashboard unless deals have been imported to Zipi.

Note: To move the location of your Widget on your dashboard, click the Pencil Icon at the top right hand side of your dashboard, then click and drag the top bar of your Widget to another location on the dashboard.

To remove a Widget: Click the Pencil icon at the top right hand side of your dashboard, then click the red Trash Can icon on the Widget you wish to delete.

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